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    Parody redraws of the male Dragon’s Crown characters in the style of the female characters.  Thought people might enjoy it.

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    “In all honesty, Haytham and I know each other well enough to tell who should lead while the other follows. And in order for partnerships of any kind to flourish, compromises must be allowed. Neither of us really feels the need to exert dominance over the other during missions.

    “…But if you are speaking in private terms? Haytham enjoys being a little submissive. Or very submissive. Depends on his mood. Don’t tell him I said that.

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(Twitter / JazzyPoomama: @okyameinko うん …から)

I die.



    (Twitter / JazzyPoomama: @okyameinko うん …から)

    I die.

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    Can we talk about how Raj and Stuart are included in the “couples” opening sequence of tonight’s episode? lol

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    translation: audiopain86
    edit: lumcheng

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    Some redraws of scanned panels of my old Shaman King volume, as a bit of an exercise.

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